• Develop a series of innovative principle and instrumentation means (invisible, ubiquitous and wearable) to perpetually and seamlessly monitor various vital signs (heart rate, breathe rate and body temperature) under daily environment (indoors or outdoors, sleep or wake).
  • Develop various data mining mathematics and computer algorithms to perform comprehensive interpretation of multifarious longterm physiological data, and to unveil statistical link between biorhythmic change and the incidence of several lifestyle-related diseases.
  • Establish a fundamental metrology of health for healthy population to enhance quality of life, activity performance and stress-coping capability through an appropriate definition of health dynamics and quantification of the overall health state including physical and mental health, as well as social well-being.
  • Build a fundamental infrastructure, Scalable Healthcare Integrated Platform "SHIP" for lifelong health management in order to ultimately realize the dream "Health Monitoring and Management Anytime and Anywhere".
  • Reciprocate humankind by casting academic ideas and research accomplishment into shape through collaboration among industry-academia-government.