Education - gpsOne
    DESCRIPTION - How gpsOne Works
  • The gpsOne technology functions in four different modes of operation.
    • Standalone GPS: The GPS receiver calculates a position without using any assistance data and without a connection to the wireless network.
    • Mobile Station-Based: The GPS receiver calculates the position using assistance data from a location server to increase cold-start sensitivity and reduce the start time for an initial position calculation.
    • Mobile Station-Assisted: The GPS receiver uses assistance data from a location server to make measurements related to its distance from the GPS satellites, then sends this information to the location server where the position is calculated. This mode also increases cold start sensitivity and reduces the start time for an initial position calculation.
    • Mobile Station-Assisted/Hybrid: Wireless network information is added to GPS measurements as part of the position calculation by the location server, integrating the relative strengths of GPS information and available wireless network location information for increased positioning reliability in difficult GPS environments.
  • Position/Location-based services - guidance and convenience, entertainment and security, commerce and building community.
  • Guided tours and finding local points of interest to location-specific weather forecasts and traffic conditions, from mobile matchmaking and location-based group games to geofencing, geocaching, location-triggered marketing, fleet management and sales force automation.